Protecting your most important documents

Documents with SSN, PII, PHI Client Information (ACH, EIN and more) Legal Documents Sensitive Sales Contracts M&A Information Employee Information Human Resource Data Intellectual Property

Enterprise Secure File Management Interface
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Complete Control with Chain of Custody

Cookie cutter file transfer solutions do not serve your needs. Your organization has a need for controlled transfer of secure data between employees and trusted partners.

With SecureSlice, you have full visibility into the life of a file that you own. Track a file from its creation, to who shared the file and who made edits. Chain of Custody enables accountability and transparency.
SecureSlice Chain of Custody Screen SecureSlice Chain of Custody Screen

Data classification - v.2.0
PHI, PII, EU, Confidential, Your Custom Rules

You are a global business. A company without borders. You have so many regulatory rules and internal data classification requirements to comply with that your head spins. With the looming threat of fines and lawsuits, you cannot afford to ‘accidently’ transfer confidential data.

SecureSlice makes it easy to comply with ever changing regulations. Simply tag the file with specific regulations and we take care of the rest. Want to create your own custom rules? We can handle that too.
SecureSlice Data Classification Screen SecureSlice Data Classification Screen

Simplicity is Key

You are tired of training employees to use complex tools that help you adhere to ever-changing rules and regulations. You know that the tool must be simple for quick user adoption and you want a modern solution that thrives on simplicity.

We spent our entire careers in the regulatory and security business. We understand how complicated things can get and have eased the process for your employees with easy to use workflows. We have even accounted for the number of clicks.
SecureSlice Simple User Interface SecureSlice Simple User Interface
SecureSlice Logo

The Ultimate File Management System

We’ve created the product that will help your employees manage files easily and securely.

No File Limits in SecureSlice
No More File Limits

10 MB or 10GB? We can handle it. Bid adieu to email rejection notices and employee frustrations. Bon jour modern web.

Chain of Custody in SecureSlice
You have full control

A full chain of custody allows you to monitor who opened, edited, shared, and changed permissions. Take control by applying data classification schemes with ease to protect what matters most to you.

Employees Love SecureSlice
Watch Your Employees Fall in Love

Seriously, what’s not to love? We built a super simple application that responds quickly and is easy to navigate. It is designed to prevent the hair pulling frustration associated with lagging software. Make their jobs easier with SecureSlice and they will love you for it.

SecureSlice is Fast
Time is Money

While we handle uploading, sending, and encryption of files behind the scenes and away from the main interface, we save time for your employees. Hurrah.

IT Department Loves SecureSlice
Your IT Department Will Owe You One

SecureSlice offers Active Directory integration, easy account maintenance, mass account changes, backup, and a whole lot more. We addressed the struggles of the IT administration and they will thank you.

SecureSlice is Fast
Vroom Vroom!

Built from the ground up, the cornerstone of this application is speed. We are talking milliseconds. We don’t want your employees to stare as we upload and download, so we found a way of doing it behind the scenes to prevent interruption of day-to-day tasks.

Search Options in SecureSlice
Natural Search

You don't need to select check boxes and fill out forms to find a file. Search naturally and you get results on the fly. Yes, instantly! We are also developing a feature to search within documents in addition to searching file names.

Team of SecureSlice
The Brightest Minds

Our team has some of the brightest minds working for us. Folks from MIT, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, and Techies from Fortune companies are involved in the development of this amazing product.

Security features of SecureSlice
We Secure it, Like we Mean it

Security of your data while at rest, in motion and in transmission is all taken care off. Rest assured, un-encrypted data cannot leave our application.

Enterprise Support of SecureSlice
Enterprise level support

We stand behind our game-changing product with exceptional support.

Let’s discuss your file management needs. Call us at (800) 984-0494

Even our Plans and Pricing are Simple!

Need more? Contact us at (800) 984-0494

SecureSlice in the Cloud CLOUD PLAN
$50/ user per Month
Start for Free
Unlimited Files
Unlimited data
1 to 5 users
Forced Encryption
On the Cloud
Easy Data Tagging
Support Included
First 14 days free
SecureSlice on your Servers ENTERPRISE PLAN
Click for Sales
On Your servers
Unlimited Files
Unlimited data
Unlimited users
Forced Encryption
On Your Servers
Easy Data Tagging
Support Contract
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