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A new way to share and incorporate students, teachers and parents within the learning experience. Every feature of our application is tirelessly vetted with educators and parents. We bring information that matters most to them front and center.


A modern approach to Classroom Management

We don't say this lightly, but it is easy to use. Parents mark their children absent, and teachers get a roster first thing in the AM. Teachers work expeditiously, students are engaged, and now parents are committed.


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Give students, teachers and parents an integrated digital experience. Their expectations are high. Match it with our powerful application and exceed their expectations.

We've been working hard

We are continuosly releasing new features. Enhancing what is good to great and ensuring we never stop evolving. Our goal is to modernize your schools administration and learning experience. Here are just a few features and enhancements that are coming your way.

Enrollment Center
A central one-stop view of potential students and students that are being enrolled. Easily assign new enrollees to classes, waitlist or reject applications. All forms are electronic including medical documentation, personal information and more.
Billing Management
Automate your invoicing, bill collections, escalation, notification and past due notices. Automatically, send voicemails, text and other notifications based on event triggers to ensure billing efficiency.
Class Managament
Parents can mark their children absent. In real-time, teachers are updated, and the AM roster provides an on-the-fly status of each student. Reports can be generated to identify late comers, early dismissal, prolonged absentees and more.
Staff Management
Clock-in and clock-out staff. Easily measure the productivity of full-time and temporary staff. Manage vacation schedules, time off, sick days and more. The system automatically identifies staff gaps to ensure teacher to student ratio is always in compliance.
Transport Management
Secure your student drop off and pick up with automated check in and check out of students. Identity and pair the right student with parent/guardian authorized to pick up or drop off students.
Student Management
Assign students to class, teacher assignment, absentee reporting, class roster, un-enrollment and lots more.
Meal Management
Document meal times and reduce the risk of allergies. Seamless share information across events where food is served. Parents can view intake and update allergies, foods to avoid and more.
Central Database
Clearly see a complete 360-degree view of your institution. Students, teachers, parents, classes, billing, notification and reporting are all accessible and within your reach.
Real-time, automated or manual notification system for group or emergency messaging. Triggered by events within the system or can be invoked manually. Typically used for announcements, staff alerts, emergency messaging, parent reminders, billing efficiency. Text, email, text-to-voice and voicemail capable.
Share events publicly or privately with parents, students and staff. Parents can RSVP to events for event management. Quickly generate event rosters, meal restrictions and more.
ISO 27001 certified servers with PCI compliant processor. We never store payment information and each piece of information is encrypted meeting or exceeding NIST standards.
US based support with extensive online materials. We provide training onsite for parents, teachers and students. We will be there when you need us and why wouldn’t we? Without you we have no business.